John Daly: 'Beef' Johnston thought he could outdrink me

John Daly and Andrew “Beef” Johnston are two of the more quirky characters on the PGA Tour, so it isn’t surprising that they’ve grown close over the years.

The 50-year-old Daly and 27-year-old Johnston first became acquainted in 2012 at the BMW International Open in Germany, according to Helen Ross of They’ve crossed paths several more times since, including at the 2015 Turkish Airlines Open, where Johnston discovered how difficult it is to keep up with Daly while drinking.

“He … thought he could drink whiskey like me,” Daly said. “And that didn’t pan out too good. It was so funny.

“He came over to the hotel, we just started drinking and listening to music. He tried to keep up – and he just couldn’t.”

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